A wearable piece of tech. It will sit on the arm or hand with strings attached to rings that sit on the tips of fingers.

The other end of the strings will go to the device sitting on the arm. This way the device can detect movement of the fingers. With four fingers one would be able to transfer roughly 4 bits of data at once, enough to signal commands.

To reduce accidental use, to send commands there will be a button in an area near the thumb that can be comfortably pressed down while the fingers are manipulated to indicate signals to the machine.

A possible workflow would be to have an interface based on different action modes or layers.

So you would hold down the thumb button, then select a layer, for example a smart home layer. Then after selecting the smart home layer by holding down the right combination of fingers you release the fingers and then hold down another combination to select the action. Or there could be multiple layers if ~4 bits of choice isn't enough.

Extra input could be provided with an IMU providing data on the orientation of the hand. So there could say be a mouse layer that you operate by tilting your hand.

Technical Details

The linear movement of the string(s) will be detected using hall effect sensors, the fingers will be attached to magnets via the strings.

When you hold down a finger, the magnet will be pulled closer to the hall effect sensor and when you release a spring will push it away.

Connectivity will be done either through a Bluetooth connection with smart phone along with a companion app running on the phone or if I have a personal wifi network by that time then via wifi.


  • Figure out how long of a spring is needed
    • What is the max length that the finger will move? From uppermost to most down.
    • ^ Measure with a string


Components Name Price
LSM303 Digital Compass $2.93
18650 holder Duel Battery Holder $1.21
PCA9685 16-channel PWM Controller $3.36
ULN2803 (2) Transistor Array $1.42
DIP18 Socket (1) IC Socket $1.63
Coin Vibrator (16) 3V Coin Vibration Motor $14.52
Already Have Down below
10uF Ceramic Cap 10uF Ceramic Cap $1.77
HT7833 3.3V LDO $1.38
ESP32 Microcontroller $4.94
1000uF Cap 10V 1000uF electrolytic capacitor $2.24