• Adhesive? Reapply when come off, have connector to disconnect waterproof housing for transducer?
    • Spirit Gum?
    • latex based glue?
    • Or superglue?
    • Pros-aide 1?
      • no
        • Expensive and hard to get
  • Bone conduction conducts lower frequencies better then air however bone conduction transducers suffer in transmitting lower frequencies due to bad attachment to bone, they end up vibrating against the head instead of into the bone or they just can't create strong bassy waves.


imensions: 21.5*14*7.9mm Power Nominal input 1.5W, Maximum input 3W Average voltage :3.7 V Operate (Max) :12 V Nominal Impedance :4.5Ω±15% test @200Hz 3 v Resonance frequency :300-19000HZ Sound pressure level (minutes) :In the case of 88-1kHz decibels Current consumption (maximum): 600MA Distortion :5% less Operating temperature :-20—60° C Storage temperature: -30—+70 ° C