Potential Ideas/inspiration?

https://perchance.org/wdpowergenerator “Magi - A Magi Tinker tends to focus on themselves, in terms of personal augmentation or setup, with an emphasis on noncombat capabilities.” cyborg?

“Speciality: Stim - Combat drugs and things that benefit from such. Boosting performance, with costs backloaded, or generally creating tinker steroids with long-term benefits. Weapons might include a gun that rewards accuracy with drug, creating a positive feedback loop, or something like Ana's gun from overwatch. Might dip into poisons or inflicting status effects with drugged bullets. Probably has concoctions available, whatever their methodology.”

“Mechanic: Setup: the Tinkertech is hard to set up properly. It may have to first 'tag' targets before full effects are unleashed, it may have a brief warm-up period before firing, or using one set of equipment may enhance and enable a second.”

“ Binary - Tinker's specialization touches on two discrete fields, which can be expressed as a fusion of the two specialties, two distinct branches of tech playing off each other, or technology with bimodal features.”?

“Mechanic: Pro/Con: the Tinkertech has costs to use at its full potential. Weapons or minions might be powerful but indiscriminate, equipment may “lock in” to a particular mode aften being activated, or there may be a deleterious side effect to the usage of tech produced, such as pollutants.”

“Speciality: Nano - Nanotech. Should speak for itself. Might be very slow to take hold when used offensively, but super high late-game potential.”

“Chaos - Tinker's specialties are broad, diverse, and not entirely known to the Tinker themself. Unpredictable in design, execution, or both, the Chaos tinker has an element of randomness inherent in the implementation of their technology. ”

“Mechanic: Charges: the power has a limited number of uses over the course of a fight, either starting high and declining or starting low and rising with hits/damage/time/etc. Forces choice of whether/when to use power.”

“Mechanic: Risk/Reward: the power allows them to trade off defense for offense, or something to that effect. If the powers vector is unclear it is likely a touch based ability.”

“Mechanic: Charges: the Tinkertech accrues and burns charges as it's used. A capacitor might be limited, with burnout over combat periods, ammunition might be scarce and hard to produce, or produced items/minions might hunger for flesh and/or blood and use them as fuel for successive attacks.”


“Magi - A Magi Tinker tends to focus on themselves, in terms of personal augmentation or setup, with an emphasis on noncombat capabilities.” cyborg?

  • Focus is on personal augmentation. Transhumanist stuff.
  • nanotech based self augmentation?
  • limitation: Requires specific special configuration to body/host thus only effective on tinker e.g. can't just inject nanotech randomly into ally or into enermy and have effect instantly, requires time for calibration?