What is a HomeLab?

A home lab is a personal IT lab where one can play around with IT related things and learn important concepts and/or have fun trying out new things without having to worry too much about breaking something.

My Home-Lab public notes

A homelab can be anything from many racks of servers and switches and terabytes of storage to a single laptop.
Mine is more on the humble single laptop side of things. I have a single laptops which I am currently using to power my personal services and use a server and a single all-in-one Netgear modem/router/switch that connect all my laptops and PCs together in my room.

This page indexes what little public documentation I have currently made on my personal setup.

Servers (Notes)

HomeSatellite Main server that hosts most everything. It is a repurposed old Toshiba laptop.

AppleServer Secondary server. It's an old 2010 Macbook Pro. It's actually got better specs then the Toshiba one such as a full gigabit ethernet interface but I haven't gotten around to migrating the services hosted on the main server to this one. And I might never will. It's power cord falls out too easily which is a major issue that's stopping me from using it for anything important. And it doesn't have enough RAM to motivate me to try out installing Proxmox on it. So it's not better enough that I consider it worth the time and effort to migrate over.

Networking equipment

Netgear Nighthawk D7000 The router, accesspoint and switch. It's an old all-in-one router that my parents got for the house a while ago. And it's doing the job just fine for now. But hopefully I can save up enough money one day to buy a proper switch so I can hard wire everything and do VLANs, etc.