Backup Plans for specific machines


  • Full image backups monthly
    • Need to research how to do this
  • Daily backups of home directory files using rclone sync manually triggered at the end of the day, when get home or at 6pm


Do not keep important data on Win partition.

  • Monthly image backups


  • Daily automated file backups of home directory (cron)
    • Using rclone script
  • Full image backups monthly
    • How?


  • Daily automated file backups (cron?)
    • Use rclone to backup docker compose data which is where everything is kept (check script make for pc for reference)
    • If fail then notify thru Discord? (webhooks?)
  • Weekly full disk image backups
    • How?
  • Every two months verify backups are functional?


Review and update backup plan in three months (Nov 2020). Check if problems with Borg and rclone have been fixed and update backup system to use Borg if possible.